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What makes our Chocolate Special

  1. The quality of the ingredients

Great chocolate starts with great cacao

Producing chocolate that is complex in flavour means sourcing high-quality cacao. It starts from the moment the tree is planted and continues to the time of harvest, proper fermentation and drying. It is important the beans are well sorted to ensure the majority are similar in size, there are no flat beans and zero insect infestation or damage. That is one of the reasons why we spend a couple of extra bucks sourcing the best cacao out there!

  1.  The quality of connections

It’s not only about where we source from, it’s about who we source from. Meeting and learning from farmers, suppliers, and customers alike.

To achieve quality, we need to understand how the farmers grow and process their cacao. Through our recent origin visits, we have begun to gain insight into how we can help both the farmers and their surrounding communities. Through proper feedback, we are able to give them the tools to create a better product. We value building strong relationships with suppliers and customers alike.

  1. Care about the environment

Chocolate cannot exist without a cared for environment.

This year we have set a goal to be zero waste at our roastery and cafe. To reach this goal, we are looking at all aspects of our business; where and how we receive the raw supplies to make our chocolate and baked goods all the way to packaging, shipping, storage, and suppliers.

  1. Handcrafted and quality control

Relying on both our senses and technology to deliver consistently delicious chocolate.

Everything we make in our shop is made by hand. Our team works together to ensure all of our chocolate, baked goods, and coffee are consistently delicious. We embrace technology to deliver efficiency in the chocolate-making process and rely on our senses to find the best flavour and texture possible.

  1. Room for creativity and innovation.

Imagining chocolate with no limits allows us to create unique flavour combinations, discover effective processing methods, and most importantly, satisfy our curiosity by asking ‘what if'.

We always set aside time to have fun, and by fun, we mean playing around with chocolate! For us, it’s about creating something that is flavourful yet balanced.  

It’s all about the satisfying feeling of hearing a customer say “yummm!”