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Leaning in

Too much in too little of time is a recipe for getting nothing done. Trust me. This is a message to my future self.
Leaning in

Today is pizza Friday. It’s something I grew up with, where every Friday (or what felt like every Friday at least) we would order pizza, head to the video store and rent a game and a movie. It became less of a thing through my 20s not living at home mostly, but the past few years Katie and I have started it up again. It’s pretty fun! No movie store visits but it’s still exciting. 

Pizza Friday means a shorter day at the shop. It means I should be hustling to get more done in less time but it doesn’t often pan out like that. Today I found myself in a few different places at once. Or so it felt. I was trying to do too much so everything suffered. 

Next pizza Friday I’ll come better prepared. Not every thing or every day needs to be perfect! Anyways, pizza was good. Godspeed beer was good. The day was still good. Goodnight!

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