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It’s been a long day

It’s late, I’m still working and I’m tired. But I met someone cool who energized me. Today is a good day.
It’s been a long day

It’s 9:45pm which means it’s 15 minutes past my bedtime and I’m still at work. The shop is closed and has been since 5, but I’m still here. I’m not necessarily working, or working much, I guess. Theres a group of people hosting an auction and we offered up our cafe to them. So I get to hang in the back while enjoying a beer (make that two), while the clock ticks further and further past my bedtime. I love routine and I love a good nights sleep, so it’s worth the emphasis. 

I met someone tonight who also works in the chocolate industry. Not as a chocolate maker like me but in sales for a far larger chocolate company. We had a great chat and talked about the industry and it made staying up late energizing. 

I was close to passing this shift off to a team member and for some reason it fell through. And by being here I got to connect and learn and share. Sometimes you get a little reward for your efforts and it makes it all worth it.


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